Holbiz operates its offshore investments through its partner company Holvest Offshore( Holvest is a GBL2 company based in Cybercity, Ebene, Maurtitius. It trades in equities, forex and other derivatives in all major markets using a combination of non correlated quantified strategies to provide consistent above average returns.

Why invest offshore?

South Africa may have the most developed capital market structure in Africa but it is still a minnow in terms of global markets and expanding your horizons into global markets can provide for significant expansion in available trading opportunities, for example one hours trade in a major US stock such as (APPL) surpasses an entire days trading on the whole of the JSE. More options means more opportunity if you know where to look, it also means lower transaction costs and far greater flexibility and liquidity.

In addition gaining offshore exposure in your portfolio can be a fantastic way to hedge against the currency and political risks that come hand in hand with living in a emerging market economy.

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Please note

Holvest Offshore Limited is a privately held GBL2 company and as such is not licenced to received funds from the general public, please do note take any information provide as a solicitation for funds it is merely for informational purposes only. Holvest Offshore Limited is not a registered financial institution or a collective investment scheme.